Consumer Loyalty

Simple Merchant contactless Consumer Loyalty solution is a Reloadable Gift card and Discount service between customers and merchants. The service is aimed at retaining and attracting customers to merchants.

Simplifying discount access between customers and merchants.

Make Simple Merchant Gift Card a Pocket-Friendly Companion for value exchange.

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Simple Merchant Reloadable Gift Card

What We Offer

With Simple Merchant Reloadable GIft Cards, we bring together lovers of discounts to meet with providers of discounts represented as MERCHANTS. Simple Merchant Reloadable Gift Cards can also be SWAPPED as a GIFT card to Friends, loved ones, and family members on memorable occasions, such as; Anniversary, weddings, Child support allowance, etc. Our Robust Agent Networks makes it possible to walk into any Simple Merchant Agent and Top-up Your Simple Merchant contactless card/ Gift Card.

Why Simple Merchant Card?

Do you desire to Gift a friend or a loved One, Have you thought about a Simple merchant reloadable Gift Card? Are you in a locality where POOR internet networks make it almost impossible to use a Traditional POS for payment? Do You desire to access thousand of Merchants that are willing to offer you discounts when you pay with a Simple Merchant Gift Card? The Above are the solutions that the Simple Merchant contactless reward solution offers in contactless cards and Reloadable Gift Cards.



Use our Agent Locator map to identify the closest simple Merchant Agent. Top Up the Card via the Agent. You can also self-top Your card on the simple merchant application..



Simple merchant GIFT card Holders can cash out from the card, visit any Simple merchant Agent for card debt for cash.


1 Card, Many Possibilities

A Life Timecard, A Reloadable GIFT Card, A Merchant Discount Card, No expiration, No renewal.


Biffy Smart Rider

BiffyRider is a logistics service provider which aims at redefining logistic service making it more easy, affordable, cheap, secure and fast for anyone and everyone. Biffy Riders are the first to provide a freelance dispatch technology structure in the industry.
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How it works
Register Package

Register your package using the form on the Biffy Rider Page

How it works
Validate Request

Track and confirm delivery with Biffy Rider available on web and mobile apps

How it works
Confirm Package Delivery

Earn up to 20% cashboack on all Biffy Smart Rider requests

The Future of Blockchain Loyalty

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BMToken spendable voucher is a blockchain-powered voucher focused on the decentralization of consumer loyalty rewards.
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